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the 'fzv' name comes from the filename ending for casio fz-series sampler voice data.

i can't remember exactly how the process worked, but there was a convoluted method of transferring sample data between a casio fz-10m and a computer, which i had been tinkering with - with less than amazing results - around the same time that ai records told me they were interested in releasing some of my tracks on their label, sometime back in 1999 or thereabouts.

'fzv' was one of those tracks and became my artist name too, and has subsequently stuck as i haven't thought of anything better.

the casio fz-10m involved still works, albeit with a hxc floppy replacement and new backlight...
fzv | electronic music + sound design.
the 'fzv' project uses a variety of analogue and digital machines (mostly from the 1980's and generally in 'several not very careful owners' condition - and, as a result of this, are not very likely to be used live) and software to design sounds and arrange them into patterns and tracks.

occasionally i dump a load of these into ableton and do one of those live sets with a laptop that looks like someone concentrating over a particularly trying spreadsheet.

you can buy downloads of 'fzv' tracks on several well-known platforms but i won't get paid anything for these. most of these tracks are available on the bandcamp site linked above as 'pay what you want' - and are encoded from the original cd masters, wav files or dat tapes.